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There are many light pods and light bars on the market that fill the need for those that want massive amounts of blinding output beaming hundreds of feet in front of them, which is useful for high speeds.

The rock crawler or trail rider simply wants a respectable amount of quality light output in the very near and surrounding vicinity of their rig, and more specifically, right near the front tires. For those, THIS was designed!

A custom harness and 3-way rocker switch installs in minutes turning on a splatter of output right where you want it. Flip the switch to “All Lights” and immerse your environment in a flood of light 50 feet forward and 10 feet out along each side of your rig while making your way down a tight trail or going to battle on an obstacle. Still, more light than you need? Flip the switch to “Rock Lights” and enjoy the experience these down-firing rock lights bring to your ride.

Night rides can be unpleasant when blinded by high output light bars, and let’s face it; we all want to enjoy a late night ride. Now it can be a pleasurable experience for all involved.

So get a set and bring your rocks to life!

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