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Avid trail riders and rock crawlers, we wanted lighting that fit our riding style. Lighting on a side mounted mirror seemed logical.

After looking at the market for something that fit our needs we found there were really only 2 options:

1. Quality $600 mirror sets that had clearly been thought through, tested and produced great light output but only in the forward position. (excellent for high speed desert use)

2. Sub par mirror sets in the $100-$150 range that were absolutely terrible. From the grainy lines in the light output, to the plastic mount assemblies, to the heat buildup from poorly designed lighting circuits.... this could be a long list. The bottom line is that we didn't feel you got what you paid for. Not something we wanted on our machines. We wanted quality close proximity flooded light output along with full aluminum construction.

Our conclusion:

Option 1 not only lacked critical downfiring rock lights but also seemed overpriced for what we were looking for.

Option 2 was well.......not even a consideration. A $10 LED flashlight would produce better lighting!

As with most things, ROCKLIGHTMIRRORS was formed from a need and we're proud to offer a legit product for an even better price.


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